The Mountain Life Companies has recently been nominated for the Kaiser Permanente 2016 Business Excellence Award: Environmental Champion presented by the Summit Chamber of Commerce.

We are SO honored to be nominated for the 2016 Business Excellence Award by the Summit Chamber of Commerce in the Environmental Champion category among these other titans of sustainable business in our high country community!

The Mountain Life Companies was founded upon the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainable business operations. We accomplish our business goals by being driven to have a meaningful and positive impact in the world by operating as a ‘triple bottom-line’ organization creating social, environmental and economic benefit both for the communities in which we’re engaged as well as through diverse corporate undertakings such as operating only carbon-neutral businesses, purchasing 100% green power, actively volunteering our time and talents for charitable, educational, and other worthwhile activities and community-based to global philanthropy causes.

Mountain Life Real Estate is committed to these principles and is humbled to have been recognized for our contributing efforts to the greater good.

We would like to extend our gracious thanks to the Summit Chamber of Commerce for this recognition and we look forward to the opportunity to continue creating meaningful impact as an Environmental Champion in our community with each and every business endeavor we undertake.

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The Mountain Life Companies™ Nominated for the Kaiser Permanente 2016 Business Excellence Award