FIBREE_US Regional Chair_Garratt Hasenstab_Resource Blockchain_Digital Assets ExpertAs an elected US Regional Chair for the Foundation for International Blockchain Real Estate Expertise (FIBREE) I am proud to present our annual global industry report detailing how blockchain technology is currently impacting the real estate industry from the perspectives of industry experts from around the world.  

This FIBREE Industry Report is the most important yearly contribution of FIBREE to the market. We provide you with in depth articles and a worldwide overview of the latest developments in the field of Blockchain and Real Estate. 

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Some of the most interesting and exciting section and articles in the report include:

    • Climate Change vs. Land Governance & Land
    • Tenure Handling Pressures: Upholding Rights with
    • Blockchain Technology, by John Dean Markunas
    • Featured Companies
    • Tokenization: Superpowers for property values
    • Unique Object Identification for Real Estate
    • U.S. Blockchain Law 101: Tokenization
    • Getting Truly Sustainable in Real Estate
    • How a Blockchain-Based Approach Can Help Blockchain, IoT, and AI are intersecting.
    • Convergence is the keyword
    • Real estate tokenization for uncertain times
    • Country Analysis
    • Executive Board
    • Product Database
    • Academic Board
    • Global and Regional Sponsors
    • Regional Chairs
    • The future of FIBREE governance
    • Automating the chaos: Intelligent construction contracts
    • The state of blockchain in real estate, 2020
    • Resource Blockchain, the Blockchain Advisory Firm founded by Garratt Hasenstab, was named among the “Most Promising Startups for Blockchain and Real Estate in 2020” as reported in the latest Global Industry Report from the Foundation for International Blockchain Real Estate Expertise (FIBREE).

    The report can be downloaded from the FIBREE website:

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    A bit of relevant info about Garratt:

    • Founder: Resource Blockchain
    • Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE) – Blockchain Council
    • Certified Smart Contract Developer (CSCD) – Blockchain Council
    • Certified Blockchain Technology Professional – UC Berkeley 
    • Certified Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Professional – UC Berkeley 
    • Crypto Certified Agent – Propy, Inc.
    • IBM Blockchain Essentials Credential
    • Member – Forbes Real Estate Council