We’re proud to share this recent announcement by the Forbes Real Estate Council about our leader’s ongoing efforts to bring Blockchain technology to the real estate industry, as he said, “which brings forth the opportunity to develop previously unimaginable levels of efficiency, transparency and liquidity to an industry that has been operating in the exact same way for hundreds of years.”

The Forbes article states:

Garratt Hasenstab, President of The Mountain Life Companies, has been busy earning impressive credentials that tap into the future of real estate technology. He has recently earned the Certified Smart Contract Developer credential and the Certified Blockchain Expert from the Blockchain Council. According to the Council, a Certified Blockchain Expert is “a professional who understands blockchain technology profoundly and can build blockchain-based applications for businesses,” and a Certified Smart Contract Developer is “a skilled professional who understands and knows deeply what Smart Contract and Solidity is and how to create smart contracts wisely over any Blockchain platform.” Says Hasenstab, “This knowledge base has prepared me with the foundational skills, knowledge and hands-on experience in the development of blockchain-based decentralized applications (dApps) for deployment in the real estate industry.”

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