According to Cryptoglobe, the co-founder of Ethereum Joseph Lubin lauded the enormous potential of blockchain technology describing it as “orders of magnitude more disruptive” than the dotcom bubble.

Lubin was very positive about the state of the blockchain industry, stating that:

“We can see sectors, industries, supply chains, any sort of value chain starting to build these collaborative systems…There was a tremendous amount of creative destruction in the dotcom era that laid the foundation and taught all of us how to build an effective internet, an effective world wide web, and really transform society. I think that we will see dynamics like that in place in the blockchain space.”

Here at The Mountain Life Companies, we have our sights set on disrupting the real estate industry through the development of Blockchain technologies that will bring forth greater transparency, efficiency and liquidity to buyers and sellers of property and the real estate industry at-large.

Our current Blockchain project in development is called REsource Blockchain™ which will start with a Smart Contracts platform designed to facilitate the acquisition and disposition of residential and commercial properties through the Blockchain.

We are thrilled to be working in the Blockchain space and see this emerging technology the same way as industry pilars such as Lubin – Blockchain is changing everything, and will become as necessary as how we now view the internet.

In a similar comment as Joe’s, professor Niall Ferguson compared the blockchain industry to the 18th century equities market where people could trade equities in corporations for the first time:

“It’s so game-changing that it of course attracted a great flood of money….and then as always happened in a financial bubble along come the charlatans…I think out of this experiment, as in the case of the 18th century equity finance experiment…something will remain.. I think blockchain will become pretty central not just to finance, but possibly to bureaucracy generally in the coming ten years.”

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